Drew Carey is contributing $10,000 to a police reward to catch the people who played this sick prank on an Autistic boy.
american airlines tweet hoax
A warning to all: Be careful what you tweet. A Dutch teen's warped idea of a Twitter joke has resulted in her arrest
It’s the snakes in a can of peanut brittle of modern pranks. It’s a joy buzzer with no joy.
coffee shop scare
Don't miss this video of New York cafe patrons who were scared witless by the powers of a telekinetic woman.
We fail to see how crushing a child's Disney dreams is funny in any way. Spill it! What do you think of this prank.
Spill it! Did you believe the video of an eagle flying off with a baby was real?
Tot found munching on a soggy-looking condom.
When you either know your love *really* well, or perhaps want to send them packing.