These meaningful articles will teach you how make your next birthday more unique and teach your children about giving back.
Give a Gift That Gives Back to Those Who Have Everything
Have someone hard to buy for on your holiday list? Give them the gift of hope.
How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party More Meaningful
My heart sank as I watched my daughter open the excessive pile of gifts she received for her birthday, gifts she didn't want or need. What was I teaching her?
Why I'm Giving Gifts of Hope to My Daughters This Christmas
As we gear up for the Christmas season, I am teaching my girls to focus less on the "give-mes" in this house and more of the "give-yous."
Beth Hodges Is An Unstoppable Mom
Say hello to one of the winners of Dove’s Unstoppable Moms and hear what motivates this mom to keep going.
Watch this webisode with your kids as these inspiring girls teach you how easy it is for your family to host a Pink LemonAid Stand.
Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl
Learn the simple philanthropic way your children can contribute to making girls' lives around the world better.
by: Erica Ehm
How To Teach Your Children The Importance Of Giving Back
Learn how you can plan your child's next birthday celebration to instill a sense of giving back.