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The Suburbs Gonna Funk You Up
infertility announcement |
In the midst of heartache and emotional upheaval, the couple decided the only way to come out the other side was to make light of the situation.
They're baaaack! Oh wait; they never went away. Stay tuned for probable Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter videos from the Holderness family.
'Weird Al' Yankovic is back and you're going to love his parody of 'Blurred Lines.' Take three minutes from your day to watch his new video.
babes on bikes
Guys from a bike shop in Portland, Oregon decided to parody the typical sexy babes and bikes photo shoot. The results are nothing less than hilarious.
Matthew Solomon plays Bob White in the video 'Monday', a parody on the viral sensation 'Friday'. And director Jordan Ancel has a few words of advice for Rebecca Black.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
The actor professes his love in a musical video for some special ladies...moms.