I didn’t vote for Doug Ford, Ontario’s new premiere. I don’t want to say ‘told ya so,’ but, told ya so.
Voluntary recall in six provinces because products may contain plastic pieces.
This is the reality of what the past week was like for a family with two kids under five.
Law to Sell Wine in Walmart Comes too Late for Back-to-School Moms
I abandoned the rest of my errand list for the day, which ironically involved a trip to the LCBO for wine.
In Niagara, every season has a festival. The Ice Wine Festival is starting this week, and with so many events celebrating 20 years… the scenery is at its best! Just saying…
Celebrating 20 Years of Liquid Gold
Hamilton Considers Banning Peanuts from Public Buildings - That will solve the peanut allergy problem, right? This food allergy blogger disagrees | YummyMummyClub.ca
That will solve the peanut allergy problem, right?
by: Alex Thom
The four main reasons we need to teach children about diversity sooner rather than later.
We should definitely not be thinking about school yet, but thanks to Ontario’s new Premier Doug Ford, we can’t think about anything else.