New York Magazine just published a Justin Trudeau Paper Doll graphic that ridicules and patronizes not just Trudeau himself, but Canada.
wolf on wall street
Writer Nicole Donadio took it upon herself to flip the roles in this 'she wolf' version of the Wolf of Wall Street trailer. What do you think of it?
They're still forcing girls to cover up. And that's a problem.
miley cyrus dancing
Miley provocative dancing and twerking is unarguably the most talked about performance of the night–but do you think it's for all the wrong reasons?
Spill it! Do you think it's natural for kids to wear bikinis and pose beside cars or are they being primed to view themselves as sex objects?
I am perturbed that it takes so many years of this to say "perhaps it is kind of yucky to make a big deal about announcing their measurements."