Reading food labels may shock you!
Do you really know what you're eating? Allergies or no allergies this is why you should always read food labels.
by: Alex Thom
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released results of testing they performed on over 300 food products to see if they complied with allergy warnings.
Health Canada Guidelines
A new food guide as well as improved nutrition labels will hopefully make it easier for Canadians to eat better.
Saturated fat has been demonized since the 1970s, but a new study shows it has no link at all to heart disease.
Don't be fooled by misleading health claims and confusing nutrition labels. Read this one thing to understand if what you're eating is healthy.
In 2008, NYC upheld a law requiring restaurants to post calorie information for each item on their menus, & Dara is all for it.
5 Snack Commandments for Moms of Young Athletes
Everything you need to know to provide your kids with the best snacks possible and ensure they are properly fueled when taking part in activities.