Quick no bake energy bites
Whip up a batch of these energy balls for a week's worth of bite-sized snacks.
by: Lara Katz
Make this incredible nut- and peanut-free cake for less than $15!
You will never buy a store bought ice cream cake ever again. Guaranteed.
by: Alex Thom
While most gluten-free muffins are dense and tasteless (not unlike a guy I dated once in college) these are light, fluffy, moist and remarkably sweet.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released results of testing they performed on over 300 food products to see if they complied with allergy warnings.
best ever allergy-friendly muffin recipe
These best ever muffins are a safe for school snack that can be customized to suit your family.
by: Alex Thom
surface allergen removal survey
A new formulation has been developed that is effective at removing trace amounts of nut allergens from surfaces. Now the team who developed it needs your help.
by: Alex Thom
Your kids are sure to fall in love with these tasty treats that are allergy-friendly.
by: Alex Thom
Dark chocolate bark is an easy and versatile hostess gift for the holidays
This dark chocolate bark also makes a great hostess-teacher-birthday-congratulations-just-because gift.