Charles Saatchi daily mail
Nigella Lawson's husband took out a full page ad to announce that he would be divorcing her on the heels of the much publicized choking scandal. Classy.
This past week saw one celebrity being abused by her spouse in public and another star calling Angelina Jolie's double masectomy a 'fearful' choice.
Is Scientology the cause of the rift between Kirstie Alley and Leah Remini? And what do you think of Nigella's admission to using cocaine?
In a shocking expose by the Sunday People, Nigella's husband is seen clutching his wife's throat, while she appears distressed and terrified.
Nigella Lawson
Plenty of her lovely prose along with a large selection of recipes, Nigella's new recipe book, "Nigellissima" is food for your body and soul.
Athena Huhenberg sues Nutella for misleading marketing
The judge sided with her claims that Nutella had engaged in misleading marketing and awarded up to a $3 million dollar settlement.
What do you think of this recent allegation against Nigella Lawson?