I’ve dropped my wiggly toddler walking through the living room. Just saying.
This is the philosophy meant to challenge us in these modern times.
Activism Advocacy
Are you tired? Exhausted even? If you have been watching the news, ever but especially recently, and you are a caring individual, you probably are.
If Frozen's Elsa has a girlfriend, the children will survive unscathed.
Influencer Elle Darby was roasted by the owner of a hotel for her request to stay there. The conversation it sparked is important.
Jessica Porten claims in a viral FB post that her nurse practitioner contacted police after she sought help for postpartum depression.
The story about an 11-year-old's hijab being cut off by a stranger was untrue. But it became news because hate crimes are unfortunately real.
We need to start thinking about whether or not we will continue to support their work when our idols fall.