TV is finally starting to smash the gender stereotypes that its perpetuated for decades, and I’m here for it.
There’s something about committing to a new television show that just doesn’t jive with me - I already feel committed enough to my husband and our three kids.
My mom and I were victims of domestic abuse, and here is our story. 
My mom and I were victims of domestic abuse. I just finished watching MAID on Netflix, It mirrored my own life growing up. My mom was Alex and I was Maddy.
I started The Kissing Booth with minimal knowledge beyond teens were losing it over this movie, and adults found it completely nostalgic.
This trend has been happening for ages. And I don’t like it.
Fan of Ozark, Stranger Things, Downtown Abbey, House of Cards, or Weeds? Out of episodes? Watch these.
If you haven’t seen the beauty that is Juanita yet, you might want to stop whatever you’re doing, call in sick, and get cozy on the couch.