An old favourite gets a new makeover. Triple the batch because these muffins are going to be gone quick.
If you're looking for a fast, fun activity with your kids, this easy-to-make recipe is the perfect recipe to introduce your kids to cooking.
Muffins can be the perfect on-the-go breakfast, a quick and easy snack, and a great addition to school lunches.
Whether they're fresh from the oven or frozen in the freezer, these muffin recipes are an on-the-go food that are perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.
peanut butter banana muffins
These muffins are delicious, and have banana, applesauce, and whole wheat flour to make them a healthier option than most muffins.
Sunflower Honey Muffins Recipe
Making your own muffins means you know every ingredient in them. Tuck these delish treats into lunch boxes or serve as an after school snack.
Blueberry Orange Cardamom Muffin Recipe
With only a little prep work the night before you'll have a Christmas morning breakfast that would make Santa jealous.
These Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Blender Muffins are school-safe - nut, peanut, and dairy free! | YMCFood |
Nutritious, school-safe, and delicious!