5 Reasons Why You Need to Vaccinate Your Children
She is both a well-educated doctor and a loving mother. Here's why this pediatrician wants all kids to be vaccinated.
Erica Ehm interviews Dr. Robin Williams, Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health to get straight answers about immunizing your kids.
Why I Wouldn't Dream of Not Immunizing My Children
The data from countries that do not have a medical system like ours is heartbreaking and dying of preventable diseases is a reality for many worldwide.
Why Kids with Allergies Need to Be Immunized
Many parents of allergic kids have reservations about immunizations which is why it's important for you to speak to your doctor about risks and benefits.
by: Alex Thom
How to Increase Our Vaccination Rates and Protect Our Kids
How parents can balance their fears of vaccination with the desire to protect their children.
Aimed at 18- to 29-year-olds, Quit the Denial parodies the phenomenon of social smoking which it likens to other gross habits like ear wax picking and farts.
Brampton students are embroiled in a fight to save french fries but are they biting off their nose to spite their face?
Why Vaccination Isn't Just About You - It's About All of Us
We vaccinate our children for the same reason we don't litter, we have traffic rules, and even why we have indoor plumbing.