From new music finds to the best song of summer, these are seven of the best songs of 2013.
Annie Lennox
Lennox speaks out about record companies who peddle the highly styled pornography that is bombarding our young girls.
Miley Cyrus joining The Voice | Celebrty News |
Miley joins The Voice, Vanessa Hudgens rocks it in Grease Live, plus a sneak peek at the new Ghostbusters movie.
How what celebrities say privately can have a more profound effect on what they declare publicly.
If Miley Cyrus wasn't a former Disney star, would we be reacting the same way to her new video?
miley cyrus dancing
Miley provocative dancing and twerking is unarguably the most talked about performance of the night–but do you think it's for all the wrong reasons?
Miley Cyrus hospitalized due to drug allergy
Sorry, Bangerz of the world, you'll have to wait a little longer to see Miley on her latest tour.
by: Alex Thom