Throughout my third pregnancy, I experienced debilitating moments of anxiety and sadness, and found myself unable to cope.
When I became a parent six-years-ago, I never considered that my kids’ personalities would be completely different from my own.
Earlier this year I received a diagnosis that would be alarming to most, but left me feeling freed: I have panic disorder.
Kate Spade and the Unspoken Truth about Suicide Ideation in Mothers
Kate was young, and I hadn’t heard that she was ill. I wondered what could possibly have happened to her. Then I saw the words: Suspected suicide.
Not many people have heard of Pure O. It's not like compulsive hand washing, or checking and ticks like in Neil Hilborn's poem, "OCD."
There is a deep shame in realizing that in that moment, as fiercely as you love this child, you don’t like them.
We often shame ourselves into inertia. There is a better way.
His declaration that he was dying threw me into a panic. I knew it wasn’t true, but it was unbearable to hear him say it.