Why would we want quiet when we could have music? Music is awesome. Quiet is boring.
January is the perfect season for Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in.
A child experiencing anxiety isn’t uncommon, There’s plenty of childhood experiences that can cause fear, questioning, and anxious feelings.
People living with depression, as with any chronic illness or condition, are often bombarded by unsolicited advice from well-meaning loved ones.
Two years ago my life looked very different than it does today. I was severely depressed, and in need of immediate medical attention.
Before I became a mother I hadn’t realized how all-consuming motherhood and family life would become.
We each have an inner voice that echoes in our head and depending on how aware you personally are of it, or how much you pay attention to it.
Even for people without clinical anxiety or depression, decluttering can be a much needed mental health and self-care boost.