viral video mom bullies at Tim Hortons
"I wanted to show my kids that you can make a positive out of a negative" 
peaches Geldof
It's time for us to stop judging and have more empathy for celebrities because we never know what's going on behind closed doors.
Apples Teach Bullying Lesson |
Before you relegate backpacks to the closet, recreate this teacher's clever bullying lesson - using only a couple of red apples.
What happened to the sisterhood of mothers who help each other instead of singling each other out for social castigation.
awful facebook page
A Facebook group "dedicated to criticizing ugly babies" has been exposed—it seems means girls have not grown up, but simply grown older.
They make us laugh, cry, cringe and think. These are the movie moms we love (and love to hate).
by: Todd Lam
Name-calling and other forms of non-physical abuse deeply damage victims with wounds that cannot be healed by bandages and aspirin.
Dear Cyber Bullies: Here's What We Want You to Know. | Online Bullying | Women |
Cyber bullying won't end unless we make it stop.