I've decided I'm going to be more open with my husband about my masturbation because being able to give myself an orgasm when the mood strikes is kind of neat.
What started out as a seemingly ludicrous comment by an American politician, Rep. Michael Burgess—about masturbating fetuses—may not be so laughable after all.
The Tenga Flip is a sex toy designed to give a male the most physical pleasure possible. Find out what this masturbating male rated it.
In the 1950s and 60s, Masters and Johnson studied sexual function in 700 people who agreed to have their sex or self-pleasure watched and recorded.
Keep calm and carry on took on a whole new meaning in the Victorian Era when women would go to their doctor for a little stress relief.
You can spot a newbie couple a mile away because they're wrapped around each other like pretzels and it's one of the reasons their sex is so fantastic.
A group of parents is planning to pull their kids from school in order to protest a new Sex-ed Curriculum.