Facebook removes Mammogram photo Bluntmoms
This photo is offensive to some. No; seriously.
mastectomy yoga wear
As if breast cancer isn’t scary enough, women who undergo mastectomies can understandably get frustrated when clothes don't fit right. Until now.
It took me a really long time before I could look down at myself. It still catches me by surprise in the mirror.
These post-breast cancer bathing suits celebrate rather than conceal the look of a woman's chest after a mastectomy.
Beth Whaanga photos
Must Read: Beth Whaanga may have lost 103 friends by posting these photos on Facebook but she gained worldwide respect for her message.
tv anchor
It was all in a day's work for GMA host Amy Robach, who discovered she had breast cancer after reluctantly agreeing to have a mammogram for a segment.
woman dancing before surgery
You don't want to miss this feel-good video of Deborah Cohan busting a move in the operating room before undergoing a double mastectomy.
My kids need me, and I need them. So as much as possible, I was present.