I thought I needed to shelter her. I thought she'd forget and I'd cover the concept later on. But that simple lie shamed me.
I knew it was bad when I heard the suctioning sound. I went over to the tank and couldn't see him anywhere but I didn't have the guts to open the filter box.
I don’t want my kids to feel as though they are at fault for someone else’s bad behaviour just because they are the one who has outed them.
Want your kids to tell the truth? Don't bother with classic tales with moral messages.
Child Telling A Lie
If your child is lying to you, it may be the symptom of a bigger problem. Here are tips to help understand why children lie and what you can do about it.
When my five-year-old son lost his first tooth the Tooth Fairy did not visit our house because I believe lying to our children in any way is wrong.
If you're hiding debt from your partner, it's time to confess otherwise your financial infidelity could cost you your marriage.