Should teacher's make rules about what kids are allowed to eat as snacks at school?
Is it a teacher's place to define what is or is not a healthy treat? What would you do if your teacher enforced this rule?
by: Alex Thom
If you dread making school lunches, then we have the perfect testing opportunity for you.
Stop hot lunches from being lukewarm with this simple trick.
From anger to understanding, one mom is teaching parents why a school ban on peanuts and tree nuts isn't about inconvenience, it's about saving lives.
by: Alex Thom
Health Canada has released a statement reminding parents to be mindful when packing lunches to send to school with your children.
by: Alex Thom
A healthier version of chicken salad that can be put on sandwiches, spooned over rice, or simply eaten right out of the bowl.
Parents: we have some good news, and we’ve got some bad news. There's a lot of lunches you're going to have to make.