In a precedent-setting win, a transgender first grader in the U.S. now has the legal right to use the girls' washroom at school.
The group Anonymous is backing Kaitlyn Hunt, the Florida high school student convicted for dating a 15-year-old fellow student.
same sex marriage
Kids can definitely be counted on for their candor. Watch, listen, and learn as kids, ages 5 to 13, talk about same-sex marriage and basic human rights.
Gay or straight, all kids want to be loved unconditionally. Grab a tissue and read this not from a dad who loves his son no matter what.
It's not the first time an actor has spoken out against gay parenting but this time the person doing the condemning is gay himself.
Jamey Rodemeyer's bullies continue to taunt beyond the grave.
Gay bullied teen Jamey Rodemeyer commits suicide.
George Takei
Actor George Takei is using his social media power to get the world talking about a serious topic, and the world is listening.