Coming out party for gay teen |
Being a teen is hard. When you're a gay, it's harder.
A sperm bank in the Chicago area made a mistake by inadvertently giving a white woman the sperm of an African-American donor.
If Frozen's Elsa has a girlfriend, the children will survive unscathed.
same sex marriage
Kids can definitely be counted on for their candor. Watch, listen, and learn as kids, ages 5 to 13, talk about same-sex marriage and basic human rights.
The group Anonymous is backing Kaitlyn Hunt, the Florida high school student convicted for dating a 15-year-old fellow student.
Boys don't talk about their feelings? It's not okay to have a tingly feeling? My blood is boiling at the jokes I used to find funny.
In the feel good story of the day, 15-year-old Laurel wanted sweeten the blow when announcing to her parents she is gay, so she baked them a cake.
Adoption Awareness
Single or LGBT Canadians who struggle to have children will be considered infertile.