If your child loves to create with LEGO, take a look at this way for them to create that costs no money and makes no mess. For real.
girl lego
Seven-year-old Charlotte wasn't happy with Lego's lack of girl 'people' and that the boys got to go on adventures, so she wrote Lego this letter.
Managing Toy Overload
Planning around the whims of a child is like trying to anticipate the moves of a squirrel which is why our house suffers from "toy creep."
Parents, you are either for this or against it. I trust you'll choose wisely.
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Kids are our future! Watch this video to see the enthusiasm of budding engineers who were inspired to create the world's tallest Lego tower, ever.
Legoland Discovery Centre Entrance
Tell us what you think of the Legoland policy that will only allow adults without children to visit the attraction on the monthly 'adult night.'
Put an end to stepping on hard Lego pieces with this tidying trick that gets your kids involved.