Healthy mom and healthy babe is what's important. But whether by choice or necessity, these are a few things I've learned about the aftermath of a c-section.
Getting stuck on the third floor writing a grocery list in my head should have been my first clue this wasn’t going to be the pain management technique for me.
I had worked alongside Tammy for ages, and I had no idea she was pregnant. As it turns out, neither did Tammy.
Should I even share how I feel about going through labour a third time? Or am I being a baby?
Keeping Busy during Labour |
"While some commended her mastery of the brush, others knocked her for being vain."
What this young woman did brings new meaning to the term "multitasking."
 To My Son on His Seventh Birthday |
Seven years ago today, you gave birth to a mother.
We lived in a town with no birthing facilities so we had to make an extraordinary trip out of town and fund our own accommodations.