The most popular children's singer in the English-speaking world dishes on the ethics of selling to kids, his favourite songs and hockey.
Grab your umbrella and get ready to sing in the rain. Splash'N Boots has been nominated for the 2012 Children's Group Of The Year.
Raffi and Andrea Nair
Inspiration can come from many places. For Raffi's newest album "Love Bug" it came from a place of concern. Read the rest of the story now.
After a lengthy 17 year absence the members of Happy Clam...or the 'Godfathers of Grunge' as they are regarded by some...are back to rock it out for the kiddies.
Lara Downes, a classical pianist, has taken her love of all things classical to a new audience with her release of Nocturnes For Night Owls: Classical Treasures for Sweet Dreams.
To say The Wiggles are just another kids' group is like saying U2 is just another indie band. Eric Alper learned how one member balances it all.
After 21 years of singing about cold spaghetti, Jeff, Murray and Greg are handing over their purple, red and yellow shirts to a new generation of Wiggles.