The nurse who answered the hoax call from Australian DJs was found dead just days later. Do you feel the DJs are to blame?
Because having your head in the toilet is not very ladylike. Or duchess-like.
Not too many years ago, people believed that severe sickness in pregnancy was a woman's subconscious rejection of the child.
The news is official: the royal couple are expecting a mini Royal of their own but Kate has been hospitalized and put on bed rest.
This fall's hottest colour is both conservative and daring and looks great on women of any age with any skin tone. Here's how to wear it.
I'm going to break my royal silence and say that I think Kate shouldn't have been going topless in the first place.
The bad news just keeps coming for the royal couple. Now a porn site is offering to purchase more intimate images of a topless Kate and money is no object.
The new portrait painted by Paul Emsley has been dubbed an artistic fail. Spill it! Do you feel the painting realistic or regrettable?