Wooden religious cross
Am I doing my kids a disservice by not instilling a defined set of religious beliefs and rituals?
A Goodbye poem for my foster children
Our foster children have left their footsteps on our hearts - and it hurts to say goodbye.
Katie is eight months old – a sweet, happy baby. I dressed her up in her snowsuit and buckled her in the car seat. And then she left forever.
I did not give birth to Allie. She is not even my adopted daughter. I’m her foster mother, but I have no rights to make decisions for this child in my care.
A foster parent suspects child abuse but authorities won't listen. She shares her story of struggle of how to help a child who has signs of abuse.
The death of a child doesn't always follow the normal stages of grieving.
How being a foster family can help not only the kids passing through but your own children as well.
red kite
The childhood relic meant more to this little boy than it ever would to anyone else.