Whether someone has six kids, no kids, or one kid – they are all the perfect sized family.
It wasn’t until after the nurses came and went that I started to wonder if, like me, other moms were “faking it til they make it.”
No word is just a word: it is a conscious choice that comes with responsibility and impact.
Tales of an adventurer
The balance isn't about keeping my daughter safe, it's about balancing the opinions of others.
Oh my, it’s easy to throw stones in our air-conditioned glass houses, isn’t it?
Any parent that isn’t physically holding their child is a monster and a bad parent, and they are ruining it for everyone else, right?
To this day I still feel sick when I think the hot-faced shame I felt because of her judgment.
I can’t even be mad, because I get it. Only a year ago, I was her. Now I could literally give zero shits.