A New York state teacher was put on leave after assigning sixth graders a writing exercise in which they would to pretend to be Nazis.
After Bieber visited Anne Frank's house, the pop star sparked outrage when he made this insensitive comment referring to the heroic teen.
She's the daughter born of a Jewish man whose middle name means "King" and a Muslim woman who grew up with the nickname "Queen." Fittingly, her name is Amira.
Is it selfish to blackball my son's spiritual education? Is he missing out on a sense of community and tradition? Or are we giving him the gift of choice?
Some of the writings on kosher sexuality are intriguing for their shock value, but ultimately they're about embracing sex and intimacy with your partner.
This is not the first time parents have complained about this particular edition of the diary. How do you feel about the famous book being censored?