Ricky Gervais was in hot water when he tweeted that celebs shouldn't take nude photos of themselves but does he have a point?
Whether you choose sleek and sexy or total texture, the pixie cut is a face-framing style that is a definite hair do.
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has things to say about pay inequity - and she's over being "adorable."
Have you ever felt so down about yourself that no amount of positive mental attitude would help?
jennifer lawrence and flare magazine
Lawrence is the first to speak out against our Photoshop-happy culture, but this GIF shows how even the most natural of beauties can have her hips trimmed.
It seems audiences are less than enamoured by the 30-year-old actress. Spill it! Are you a Hathaway hater or sympathizer?
Best known for her role in 'The Hunger Games' and tripping on the stairs at the Oscars, this video will show you why you'll want Lawrence to be your new BFF.
Hint: "Art" is not an excuse for sh*tty behaviour.