Boys watching TV
I assume my parents were home on weekend mornings when I was a kid, but I have no memories of it.
If you love someone, you need to set them free. Hopefully without the door hitting them on the way out.
Your perfect sleeper no longer sleeps or naps because he's testing his independence.
Everything lost is also something new gained.
Any parent that isn’t physically holding their child is a monster and a bad parent, and they are ruining it for everyone else, right?
Free Range Kids
Why you should not let fear guide your parenting and how allowing your kids freedom is the best thing you can do to prepare them for the real world.
In our parents' time all they would receive from camp is a letter from their kid but thanks to technology this has changed. But is it a good thing?
I tried an experiment yesterday. I asked my ten-year-old if he wanted to be in charge of my six-year-old for the afternoon.