Top 5 School Hacks for Kids With Autism |
A helpful cheat-sheet for teachers and education support staff from a mom of a child with autism.
Birthday Parties for Special Needs |
If you think kids' parties are a small hell, magnify that tenfold for kids with special needs.
Representation matters. This seems to be the catch phrase of 2019, and for good reason. When we see ourselves in the media, any media, we feel seen.
Toronto District School Board Inclusive Bathrooms |
The Toronto District School Board announces plans to implement gender-inclusive washrooms in its schools across the city.
lego set has figure in wheelchair
What do you think of the newest Lego figure?
If you're a family dealing with autism, going to the movies just got a whole lot easier.
autism awareness
Autism is a national crisis and yet parents aren't getting the support they need and the support they do get costs big bucks.