Crockpot drinks for parties |
Two hot winter drinks you can make in your slow cooker - perfect for after a day of playing outside.
by: Jen Farr
Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe
Hot chocolate gets a chilly makeover. Beat the heat with this icy and delicious blend of milk, chocolate and ice.
Hot chocolate
This adult hot chocolate will warm you up when the days and nights are cool because why should kids have all the fun.
Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
A cold-weather get-together with friends and family isn't complete without this simple to make and easy to serve hot chocolate.
Homemade Spiced Cocoa Recipe
Forget store bought. Whip up a cup of this homemade hot chocolate for the days when your fireplace and a book beckons.
Did you know dark chocolate is good for your health? Cure your chocolate cravings with this simple recipe that will also impress your guests.
Rich Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate |
A hot, dairy-free chocolate treat that's perfect for a cold winter's day....oh, who are we kidding...this is great ANY day.