Everyone should have at least one staple recipe you can whip together when company is coming. You'll want to make this banana chocolate chip cake yours.
by: Lara Katz
The Mark Hotel bathroom in mint and black.
Five easy things you can do to turn your ordinary bathroom into a lush oasis and give your guests the ultimate hotel experience.
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Healthy finger foods for your holiday parties.
The turkey may be the main course but it's the side dishes that add delight to a meal. Kick up your sides a few notch by adding these five to your menu.
This holiday season, take down that “No Room At The Inn” sign and don’t be shy about asking people to bring some food. Potlucks are hot!
In an ideal world we'd all love to make every single holiday meal from scratch, but it's just not practical. Here are some ways to make holiday meals easier.
Holiday cooking can leave you frazzled, but homemade doesn't always mean heart made. Store bought items can be festive and delicious too.
Imagine eating these scrumptious muffins with a hot cup of coffee while opening up your presents on Christmas morning—or any morning for that matter.
by: Lara Katz