Move over River Phoenix and Daniel Craig. What gets my heart racing these days is a brain, sense of humour, big hair, and a bank account. In short: Adele.
Five year-old boy will meet his hero - thanks to a plastic bag turned football jersey.
That movie was like we were drinking water for the very first time. Except we didn't even know we were thirsty.
We should all be more like Jono Lancaster who has literally become the change he wanted to see in the world.
Daily Inspiration: One person CAN make a big difference.
autism superhero
Have you seen the latest superhero to join the comic book greats? He has extraordinary powers but it's this difference that makes him extra special.
nominate your hero
Is there a superhero in your life you'd like to honour? Pay it forward and nominate him for the Superman Hall of Heroes.
Hugh Hefner, creator of the Playboy Empire, is dead at 91. Did he promote women's sexual freedom? Not so much.