Erica Ehm at Kennebec Camp
You can limit the number of hours your kids are in front of a screen, but if we don't let them roam free, what the heck will they do to fill those hours?
by: Erica Ehm
This Is What It Was Like To Be A Child In The 1940s
A grandmother reflects on her childhood and the big difference between past and present generations.
Lawnmower Parents
In case you’re not sure how you’re screwing up this parenting thing, worry not. There is a new label out there you’re invited to peruse for fit.
An eye-opening look at how childhoods from the past are so completely different from the childhoods of today.
It begs the question: is it up to courts to protect us from ourselves?
following the school bus to school
Spill It! Is following your child’s bus to school a smart safety move or helicopter parenting at its finest?
by: Alex Thom
Is leaving a 6-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy at the park being a free-range parent or a felony?
Parents and Kids School Projects
Parents, teachers aren't fooled; they can smell your "help" a mile off.