Is this a case of classic helicopter parenting or is it truly a case of child neglect?
child doing homework
Good news for parents! Now you have scientific proof to stop helping your kids with their homework.
Sometimes great parenting is when you sit back and wait and see.
RECALL: Toys R Us Fast Lane Remote-Control Helicopter
The following helicopters have been recalled as the rechargeable batteries may overheat, posing a fire/burn hazard.
Toronto mom Jill Trahan-Hardy decided that if Earl Haig Public School couldn't protect her daughter, then she'd step in and assume the role of bodyguard.
A new study shows that if you're a bubble wrap/helicopter parent, your child is more likely to be the victim of bullying.
If you have a particular parenting style—attachment, tiger, green, free range, authoritative, permissive—then you may want to take part in this docu-series.
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Jen figures instead of being a free-range mom, she's more of just a free-range-ish type.