Parents aren't allowed to have four heart attacks. Parents aren't allowed to crawl to the ambulance. Parents aren't allowed to get scared. And yet...
Shannon also speaks the truth about fashion for moms, the reality of being on a reality TV show and how she spends her spare time -- you may be surprised.
Olympic figure skater Isabelle Brasseur shares how heart disease robbed her of her parents, almost caused her to lose her baby and her life.
by: Erica Ehm
Age has nothing to do with being amazing. Here’s proof.
While mentions of Heart Month and heart disease in general may conjure up images of geriatric men chewing aspirin, take heed: more women than men now die from heart disease. You may be surprised to learn that heart disease and stroke kill more Canadian women each year than all cancers combined.
Heart disease poses a serious risk to women. Here are important ways you can love, or “heart," your heart.
YMC is making a commitment this month to Make Death Wait—and we’re hoping you’ll do the same.