We are not meant to be Superwomen and striving for this unrealistic goal has serious costs both individually and for women as a whole.
Do you feel like you carry most of the burden in your house? Do you carry The Motherload?
Drew Barrymore Talks Motherhood
Actress puts "kids" before "couple" and it's working for her.
pantene ad
In only 60 seconds this ad by Pantene Philippines manages to demonstrate what it is like to be a career woman in today's world.
Time Magazine having it all
Is 'having it all' only attainable if you choose to forgo parenthood?
Am I crazy to think I can have it all? Or am I setting myself up for failure?
And she wants to populate the boardrooms with more women so they can have it all too.
how to have it all
Instead of trying to 'have it all' why don't we all start trying to do this instead.