I’ve never enjoyed getting needles, but I’ve never really been afraid of them, either. But my son is fearful. And I've made some mistakes in the past.
Racism in Canada
It's ironic that I experienced my first serious incident of racism since elementary school at the Canadian institution of Tim Horton's.
I’d been quiet for a while, and my husband knows what that means. Someone was wrong on the internet, and I needed to fix it.
Toronto the Nice
A Latino man late for a job interview had a thoroughly Canadian experience.
children playing in sprinkler
I was four years old but it took only an instance to learn that I was easy to hate. Easy to hate because of the way I look.
In the past I would hibernate all winter huddled beneath a blanket in front of the fireplace. Now that I have kids I'm being forced into the freezing cold.
No word is just a word: it is a conscious choice that comes with responsibility and impact.