child holding gun
What do you think of these photos? Is it ever acceptable to allow children to have guns?
gun for women in india
It's small, lightweight and comes packaged in a deep maroon jewellery case.
Amidst this most recent tragedy emerges a spark of hope. Or perhaps rather a raging fire. The kids have had enough.
woman pointing gun
The image has gone viral as internet users try to discover the identity of the woman behind the disturbing photo.
angry boy
Police plan to press charges on an 11-year-old boy who wrote a note with plans to carry out a Newtown-style attack targeting 40 students.
What do you think of this little boy who was threatened with a bus suspension because he had a Lego gun?
The dreadful hostage situation in Alabama has finally ended, with the suspect who kept a 5-year-old boy captive in a bunker confirmed dead.
Sometimes, online ads have a much bigger purpose than just making money.