baby with text "Mommy is going back to work..."
Nearly Back-To-Work Mom: You. Are. Incredible. You deserve a cape and tiara just for making it to noon, and an exploding stripper-cake by nightfall.
It's official. I'm a 30-year-old wife and mother who lives with her parents. And aside from the "no monkey sex on the kitchen counter" it's been great.
My 10 month, 18 day, 11 hour and 59 minute old daughter started daycare this morning. And I feel so guilty. Like the worst mom in the world.
When my husband asked me if I wanted to be a fundraiser or a writer it made me realize I don't have to choose one over the other.
After all of the ignored helpful advice I had given my husband there was no way he could deny I was right. I may have done the gloaty dance.
Going back to work after mat leave sucks....except for these totally awesome things.
All mums grapple with guilt, but it’s ok to admit your kids will thrive in the care of trained professionals.
I showed up tired and made mistakes and was criticized for those mistakes. I showed up tired because I was a mother to two young children.