surprising sources of gluten
Check out the list of surprising sources of gluten below to make sure you aren’t accidentally eating more of it than you think.
The 40-year-old actress has taken her goopy eating habits and transferred them on her two kids.
Apple, orthorexia, healthy eating
This new eating disorder is about how you can become malnourished because you're eating "too" healthy.
If parties have you panicking and hors d'oeuvres fill you with dread, there's now a device that can detect whether allergens are present in food.
Is going gluten-free simply a food fad or is it the cause of your health issues? Find out what gluten is and if you should be removing it from your diet.
Finding out if the food you eat contains an allergen is now easier as labels must adhere to these new guidelines.
The truth is, we could all use less wheat in our diet, Theresa Albert notes.
gluten-free resources
Bookmark this list of favourite celiac and gluten-free online resources to help you navigate the world of no wheat.
by: Alex Thom