The close-up shot of 17-year-old Canadian figure skater Katelyn Osmond performing a high kick has people up in arms.
The big questions and concerns amongst the parenting pop culture patrol are valid. How appropriate is The Hunger Games for kids?
by: Erica Ehm
We strive to teach our children the importance of good manners and the value of sharing, then parents hit the street with their strollers and all bets are off.
At first I couldn't bear the media or to be part of the outcry over Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide, the latest tragedy in a seemingly growing tide of such deaths. I wondered…
Money For Nothing' by Dire Straits has been played since becoming a Top 40 hit in 1985 without any complaints and now one person's complaint may change the fate of the song.
media report card
Why isn't the media helping to promote heroines as much as it does to promote heroes?