babes on bikes
Guys from a bike shop in Portland, Oregon decided to parody the typical sexy babes and bikes photo shoot. The results are nothing less than hilarious.
men doing housework
It's not how much he gets paid but what he does that determines the amount of housework your man will do.
girl lego
Seven-year-old Charlotte wasn't happy with Lego's lack of girl 'people' and that the boys got to go on adventures, so she wrote Lego this letter.
Boys don't talk about their feelings? It's not okay to have a tingly feeling? My blood is boiling at the jokes I used to find funny.
The feel-good story of the day that you don't want to miss!
I tried to fight the stereotype but my daughter decided to fight back. Spill it! How do you feel about girls wanting to be like a princess?
Germany is implementing a back-up plan by designating larger parking spaces for women. Would you be offended?
girl playing with lego
Variety is the spice of life, especially if you want your little girl to become an engineer or scientist.