coming out on reddit
Hoax or Truth: Last week a celebrity took to Reddit to post an anonymous thread about being homosexual.
Boys don't talk about their feelings? It's not okay to have a tingly feeling? My blood is boiling at the jokes I used to find funny.
Do you think this means we are becoming more tolerant as a society and moving towards true equality?
words have power to hurt
Empower your children by teaching them the real meaning of gay and how it can be offensive when used in a derogatory way.
Gay or straight, all kids want to be loved unconditionally. Grab a tissue and read this not from a dad who loves his son no matter what.
In the feel good story of the day, 15-year-old Laurel wanted sweeten the blow when announcing to her parents she is gay, so she baked them a cake.
Do you use these words in your everyday speech? You may be a homophobe and not even know it.
same sex marriage
Kids can definitely be counted on for their candor. Watch, listen, and learn as kids, ages 5 to 13, talk about same-sex marriage and basic human rights.