Good friends are hard to find. Sometimes, too many times, as kids we think we’ve found our BFF only to find out we were wrong.
I am not in the market for expensive products. I am interested in your life, not in your latest special.
Over the course of my 20s, I found myself “outgrowing” all manner of things in my life.
I know that it isn’t easy to just up and go away. But, you know what IS easy? THIS!
Just so you know, it isn’t about learning stuff. It isn’t about getting good grades or how many friends you have.
I don't know how to navigate a friendship like this anymore.
When you’ve just spent 11 hours taking care of young kids and tending to babies, getting dressed up to go out for a few hours out can be a deal breaker.
I have always marveled at people who keep friendships for years at a time.