Did you watch the Ray Rice video and does that make you a part of the problem?
Until we begin to unravel theses gender issues from our culture we will continue to live in a world where a female CEO or a gay football player is a big deal.
Five year-old boy will meet his hero - thanks to a plastic bag turned football jersey.
cheering during world cup
If you have an international family, how do you decide who to cheer for? In our family the choice is easy.
Do you think this means we are becoming more tolerant as a society and moving towards true equality?
single on valentines day
Feeling lonely on Valentine's Day? Maybe this list will make you feel better.
Put this on your bucket list because the football game itself is truly secondary to the thrill of the grill that is known as the tailgating party.
What's your take? Was the decision to cancel the rest of the football season a good one?