Does this mean food bans in schools will now disappear?
Comparing necessary, life-saving allergy accommodations to the anti-vax movement is like comparing apples to... dancing zebras.
Peanut Butter in Schools |
Are we seriously still arguing about this crap?
Parents in Newfoundland are angry over yet another food ban in classrooms.
Parents in Newfoundland are complaining because the school board banned peanut butter replacements and this mom is rolling her eyes at them.
With all the food bans in classrooms, what's left for kids to eat?
Are food bans an effective solution in schools or are there other ways to help protect allergic students?
Lynne Glover and her daugher Elodie
The mother states that her daughter's school discriminated against her daughter and failed to protect her from life-threatening allergens.
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What Schools Should be Doing to Protect Kids With Allergies