The 12 things you will feel and experience as a parent traveling with a child who has severe food allergies.
by: Alex Thom
Parents: we have some good news, and we’ve got some bad news. There's a lot of lunches you're going to have to make.
For years, my restaurant experience as an allergy parent has looked like “Eat at your own risk; go somewhere else.”
This past week, the National Institute of Health in the United States released new guidelines for introducing peanuts to infants.
Skin Testing for Allergy Oral Challenge |
How many other kids are out there living in fear of contact with foods they're not allergic to?
by: Alex Thom
Why are so many people falsely reporting food allergies? |
Food allergies and sensitivities were an astounding eight times more common than actual confirmed allergies. EIGHT TIMES.
by: Alex Thom
Sign the petition to ask the federal government to protect anaphylactic passengers!
Ask Prime Minister Trudeau to remove peanuts and nuts from airlines
by: Alex Thom
This will make sure that our kids’ health is ready for school, too!